Our Products

LED Street Light

Rifle Series

The Rifle series street light is the new generation of street lighting which is designed with high-efficiency LEDs with low glare, and combined with the latest management and smart lighting control systems. It is one of our most popular models with its sleek design and very competitive price.

This series of LED street light has a range of several optics to be offered to suit the best needs imposed by urban lighting. This model has a full die-cast aluminum design which not only minimizes wind restitution but can also be installed in critical climatic conditions.

K Series

K series LED street light adopts a full die-cast aluminum design which makes it elegant and modern. Many of our clients’ projects are using this model. K series has three different sizes with wattages ranging from 25 to 200W to meet different project requirements. The buckle design allows the lamp to be opened without tools to facilitate the replacement of the LED driver, making it easy for maintenance. It has a circuit breaker design which provides convenience and safety for installation. It is also equipped with respirator which functions to protect the lamp components from moisture damage, thus prolonging the service life of the lamp. It also has some small but detailed designs such as terminal block and level bubble. All of these designs make the K series LED street light to be an ideal road lighting fixture.

Nova Series

Nova series LED street light is our latest generation of street light. It is a modern and beautiful outdoor lighting that provides the ultimate solution for local roads, residential streets, public places, sidewalks, parking lots, tennis courts, bicycle lanes, and many other lighting places. Nova series LED street light has not only a unique and attractive visual appearance, but is also cost-effective and has reliable performance with a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours. Its small and lightweight design also reduces a lot of costs for transportation. It carries all the elements that lighting designers, contractors, and end-users dream of. We are confident that it will be a hot product in the coming few years.

LED Flood Light

Zoom Series

Zoom series LED flood light is a cost-effective floodlight developed for small sports venues and squares. It uses high-end LED chips and LED drivers; coupled with a good heat dissipation design, the service life of Zoom flood lights can reach more than 100,000 hours. The tool-less opening design provides convenience for future maintenance and upgrade of the flood light. Its high efficiency and all-rounded certifications will serve all your needs and requirements.

H Series

H series is a high-performance, high color rendering index LED flood light. It is very suitable for use in warehouses, production workshops, and other industrial fields. As the sixth-generation lights since 2014, it has been a deeply trusted and loved product by users all over the world. With reasonable heat dissipation design, H series LED flood light can not only maintain ventilation and quickly dissipates heat; it can also solve the problem of dust accumulation. H series LED flood light can be equipped with 1-10V or DALI dimming as compatible smart control systems.

Stellar Series

Stellar series LED flood light was specially designed for the replacement of halogen flood lights. The compact design and high LED efficacy provide high performance and low cost. The aluminum housing and tempered glass provides IP66 protection and IK08 shock resistance, allowing this series to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications: garages, public areas, building facades, construction areas, and billboards. The energy-saving is up to 90% when compared with halogen flood light. The flexible mounting bracket allows for easy installation.

LED Recessed Light

Primo Series

Primo series LED recessed light has a compact die-cast structure, solid mechanism, and reliable quality. It is ATEX certified, hence, it can be safely used in different flammable and explosive areas. Primo series recessed light is equipped with LUMILEDS LEDs and Inventronics/Meanwell LED drivers which lead to a long lifespan of 100,000 hours. By replacing certain installation accessories, Primo series light offers versatility like no other: it can be used in gas station lighting, small stadium lighting, billboard lighting, architectural lighting, and several other area lightings.

LED Bay Light

Helios Series

Helios series is an economical UFO type LED high bay light. The radiator is made of high-quality ADC12 aluminum alloy die-casting, providing a very good heat dissipation effect. Together with the use of high efficiency LED chips, the whole fixture reaches to an efficiency of 190 lm/W. Mainly used for industrial lighting, it can be combined with motion sensor and daylight sensor to achieve maximum energy saving.

LED Post-top Light

L Series

L series post-top garden light is designed with European elements and can support 4 installation methods: post-top, pendant, side entry, or suspended mounting. More than 6 different optic lenses can be selected for different applications; and the tool-less opening design makes it convenient for maintenance and future upgrades.

Halo Series

The aesthetics of a city is highly affected by its lighting designs. Halo series satisfies the trend of urban differentiation with its smooth curvature design, which not only effectively prevents the accumulation of dust and leaves, but also provides excellent heat dissipation while creating a neat and sophisticated atmosphere. To meet different needs of customers, Halo series LED post-top light can be installed in six different mounting types including side entry, pole pendant, single arm post top, and double arm post top by replacing accessories. It is available in Type II, III, or V distributions which are designed to replace HID lighting systems up to 250W MH or HPS. Typical lighting applications include parking areas, walkways, and as street lighting applications.

LED High Mast Light

M Series

M series high mast light or stadium light is a high-power flood light designed for large stadiums, airports, docks, and other large areas. The luminous flux is up to 126000 lm, and 4 different luminous angles are available, making it suitable for different heights and places. ZGSM, as a professional manufacturer of outdoor flood lighting products, has many years of experience in manufacturing high-power lights. The beautiful design and excellent cooling effect of the M series high mast light makes it one of the best products for professional golf courses and large-scale lighting.